Women and gender studies: Movie Scene Analysis

Assignment: This paper is a close analysis of a scene from a film we have studied this semester. Please choose a scene from the list below to write an analysis like the ones we do during class. That is, your paper should cover: 1) Narrative: Where does the scene begin and end? How is the plot advanced? Why is this scene important in relation to the rest of the film? 2) Mise en scene: setting, props, costumes, colors, lighting 3) Editing, framing (shot composition), camera movement, significant shots 4) Major themes: how does this scene amplify or suggest themes found in the rest of the film? 5) Sound: diegetic and non-diegetic In addition to the terms we have covered in class, you may need to use the following terms concerning distance and time length of the shot: closeup long shot medium closeup medium longshot Choose from the following scenes: Moonstruck–Ronny and Loretta in Ronny’s apartment. 34:03.
This is the scene that follows their confrontation in the basement of the bakery. It begins with an establishing shot of the outside of the bakery. The scene is interrupted by a shot of Loretta’s father and his mistress in a car, and then the scene at the apartment continues, ending with the couple’s move to the bedroom and the closeup of the opera poster. It Happened One Night—Peter and Ellie in the hayfield. 54:18. This is the scene that follows the one of Peter carrying Ellie across the stream and is just previous to the hitch-hiking scene. Imitation of Life: Sara Jane confronts Lora: 1:12. This scene opens with a shot of Lora crossing the upstairs hallway and ends with a shot of Annie in the kitchen. This is the scene in which Sara Jane does an imitation of a plantation slave. Pariah—Alike on the bus on her way home from the club. 3:50. This scene occurs early in the film after the evening Alike and Laura have had at the club. It begins with a shot of Alike and Laura on the bus and ends with the cut to Alike walking through the door at home. Frida—Frida and Trotsky on the pyramid 1:28:24. This conversation could have been staged anywhere, but the setting is obviously important. A Fantastic Woman—Marina at the Finlandia Club 1:20. This scene begins with an establishing shot of Marina walking toward the health spa. You need to turn the captions on to English to see the subtitles (the cc box on the lower right of the screen). The Silence of the Lambs—Clarice gets her assignment. 4:08. This scene begins with the shot of Clarice getting off the elevator and ends with the sound bridge that begins, “And what is that?” Thelma & Louise—Thelma and Louise are stopped by a trooper for speeding. 1:36:12. This is one of the comedy scenes, although its implications in the context of the journey are compelling. When you study the scene you’ve chosen, take notes, paying special attention to how visual and auditory elements convey the scene’s meanings and importance.
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