SQL, NoSQL, ERD diagram read and summary

 Question 1, discuss within your HW3 group whether the cases that you selected for your Group Project should be modeled as RDBMS or NoSQL. Submit two summaries of your discussion (one for each project discussed). In the cases where more than two group projects are discussed, identify two summaries that should be graded. (You may collect this information as additional feedback for your justification in your group project). (3 discussion file will be given. but those are only examples) Within any combination of your group projects, identify 4 questions that may require data analytics solution. What type of analytics would be used to answer each of the questions and why? Submit the questions and the types of analytics to be used for each question (do not need to provide analytical solution). ex) Courts in NWI – Who is paying for classes vs who is not paying for classes (social network analytics) Starbucks – (predictive analytics – deep learning) Courts in NWI – How do we handle multiple people trying to rent the same property at once? (Social network analytics – betweenness) Courts of NWI – When are the basketball courts least used so they can be refinished with the smallest impact? (Logistic regression, based on time).
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