Ankylosing spondylitis

3000 word written assignment based on a critical exploration of the current information on ankylosing spondylitis available to a patient/service user or their carer via an internet search. In this, you will be expected to critically discuss the quality of the information gained from your internet search. You will use your critique to demonstrate an ability to integrate ideas and themes to discuss evidence-based management for the client and /or information provision for the client/carer. In order to do this, you will need to Part one Appraise the quality of the information in your google search, e.g. language used, bias, unsubstantiated statements, accuracy of information. Part two Appraise the evidence base ( e.g. data bases Medline, CINAHL) to support your discussion of what you would want the patient /carer to know that would help inform them on their condition and the potential management strategies. Marking Criteria: 1. Undertake an internet search using Google UK only for accessible information on your selected condition (you will need to include a screen shot of your search page as an appendix to your essay). 2. Critique the quality of the information from your search considering the strengths, weakness and gaps. 3. Discuss how this critique would inform your role as a physiotherapist in developing a management strategy or client/carer support material for your chosen condition. 4. Use reference to the current evidence base to support your discussion.
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