Neoclassicism Benjamin West Angelica Kauffman Antonio Canova

For this project, you’ll answer seven questions about artists from ten of the art movements you studied throughout your course. You must select one artist from each of the following movements to research:
1. Neoclassicism Benjamin West Angelica Kauffman Antonio Canova
2. Romanticism Caspar Friedrich Henry Fuseli Théodore Géricault
3. Impressionism Berthe Morisot Mary Cassatt Alfred Sisley 4. Post-Impressionism Pierre Bonnard Paul Sérusier Emilé Bernard 5. Expressionism and Fauvism Franz Marc Georges Rouault André Derain 6. Cubism and Futurism Sonia Delaunay Alice Bailly Gino Severini
7. Dada and Surrealism Max Ernst Hannah Höch Yves Tanguy 8. Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art Cy Twombly Joan Mitchell James Rosenquist 9. Minimalism and Post-Minimalism Robert Ryman Robert Morris James Turrell 10. Postmodernism and Deconstructivism Yasomasa Morimura Daniel Libeskind David Salle
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