Enron and Arthur AndersenAfter doing the unit reading,…

Enron and Arthur AndersenAfter doing the unit reading, conduct research on the Internet and/or in the KU Online Library to learn more about the Enron scandal, the role that Arthur Andersen played, and the changes made in the Consulting industry as a result. Use at least two different sources for this Assignment.•Provide an appropriate paper title. Titles should be short phrases that describe the content. Do not copy Assignment instructions or questions; doing so does not prove an understanding of main ideas.•Do not quote from your sources, but identify what information came from which source through proper APA in-text citations.•This paper should be pure research, without personal commentary, conversational speech, or emotional wording.•The length requirement for this Assignment is 250–350 words. Do not write more than 350 words; it is important that a consultant learn to be concise