Enhancing Council Tax collections Services through Big Data Analytics

Enhancing Local Council Services ((Council Tax collections)) through Big Data Analytics * Following the Coursework assignment specification * The services we selected is ((Council Tax collections)). * Based on the PowerPoint presentation to follow up on the work according to the work team. * The solution must include the seven following areas. 1- Problem situation and domain analysis. 2- Value proposition. 3- Business model. 4- Technical solution design. 5- Feasibility demonstration/analysis. 6- Professional and ethical issues. 7- Critical evaluation. there should be introduction and conclusion, as well as references and appendices as appropriate. The topic could be “Enhancing Council Tax collections Services through Big Data Analytics”, or you can provide a better topic. ——————— https://www.businesstoday.in/opinion/columns/how-can-big-data-improve-tax-collection-and-reduce-taxevasion/story/281154.html https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/council-tax-statistics Note: If a PowerPoint presentation is not excellent, it can be ignored because it is a teamwork presentation and the image may be unclear for you. So, the most important is to provide a solution that can take advantage of big data to improve council tax collection. Module name: Big Data in Business
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