For this week’s discussion thread, Amgad and I…

For this week’s discussion thread, Amgad and I thought to dive into a bit of a “taboo” topic within the business community, and that is: discussing politics in the workplace.  We thought this would be an interesting subject to discuss, specifically in light of our world’s current political, social, and economic climates.  For those of you on co-op or going to be working in a professional environment soon, many firms choose to display various news channels in their offices, however political discussions and opinions are generally kept at bay.  Sometimes it can be difficult to refrain from speaking your mind and, on the other hand, can be just as difficult to engage in such conversations.  Either way, we thought, should this situation ever arise in your current and/or future office environments, that you would be equipped with an appropriate approach! 
We chose two articles from reputable sources.  The first being a sort-of guide for the “Do’s and Don’ts” of discussing politics within an office environment.  The second, also encompassing the “Do’s and Don’ts” but offering deeper insight into the debate of “should we or shouldn’t we?”.  It touches upon a couple of case studies that are interesting and pertain to the topic, as well!
Key Question: Do you think we should or should not engage in discussing politics in a professional, working environment? If you think we should, what are the main “Do’s” that we should follow?
****IMPORTANT REMINDER: We understand that this is a sensitive subject, so we ask you to focus on the objective points brought up in the two articles.  Please respect ALL posts.  Should you disagree with any of your peers’ responses, do so with utmost kindness, understanding, and respect.  Let’s take the high road everyone and adopt an “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all” type of mindset!