A violent person who tends to interpret ambiguous…

A violent person who tends to interpret ambiguous cues from others as aggressive in nature is said to ?a. have a hostile attributional biasb. have different type of personality c. use instrumental aggressiond. have a cognitive deficit e. have a misattribution bias Rejection also known as social exclusion can lead to aggression why?a. it makes you angry and that can trigger aggressionb. it leads you to a hostile mind set toward the person who rejected youc. it hurts your feelings and lowers your self esteemd. it reactivates long unconscious memories that you have been repressing for yearsExposure to humor can be effective in reducing aggression because humor and aggression are ?a. facets of the same emotionb. incompatible emotional statesc. complementary statesd. both copying mechanisms Which personality type mentioned in the text as being associated with aggression is most directly linked with the statement”If i ruled the world it would be much a better place”?a. a type of personality b. a hostile attributional biasc. narcissism d. none of these Does punishment work to reduce aggression? the answer is yes if 4 conditions are met, Which is NOT one of them?a. it must be promptb. it must be public c. it must be strong enough d. it must be justified e. it must be certain to occur