Assignment: Alzheimer Disease

The purpose of this assignment is to create a full draft of your paper. The draft of your paper should summarize research on:
The biological basis of a disease or disorder of the nervous system (at the level of neurotransmitters, hormones, cells, brain structures or circuits) How treatments for the disease/disorder affect the nervous system Current research to better understand the nervous system in the disease/disorder Any central topics, viewpoints or controversies related to your topic and/or the method(s) used to study it The Details Writing Write for a professional audience that is educated, but may not be expert on your topic. Feel free to address complex topics, but don’t forget to explain any new terms or specialized vocabulary you might need to use. References Your paper should provide recent evidence from scholarly sources (published within the past five years) and must include a minimum of two-peer reviewed sources. You can use the UMUC Psychology Research Databases to locate additional research
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