Assignment 1: Encryption and Hashing Algorithms: Tools and…

Assignment 1: Encryption and Hashing Algorithms: Tools and CommandsDue Week 3 and worth 100 pointsThe CIA and FBI have been working as a joint task force to unearth the meaning behind a vast amount of intercepted digital communiqué between two known operatives believed to be spies. They have recruited your company to assist with the decryption of these messages.Part 1:Write a paper in which you answer the following:Before you start on this mission, both national organizations want to verify your ability to identify hash and encryptions standards. Answer the following questions, providing specific details for each topic:Part 2:Here is a useful online resource to help with your tasked assignment from the FBI. Using the following link, decrypt the random messages and put them together into a useful missive. Identify the hash type and rearrange the messages in logical order to assemble the message. your supervisor (professor) to receive the communiqué, if it is not shared with you first .The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: