Explore the attitudes to nature in Alexander Pope’s ‘An Epistle to a Lady’ and William Wordsworth’s ‘Nutting’ and ‘Tintern Abbey’

Write a 2000 WORD essay response to the essay question using the poetry of Alexander Pope’s ‘An Epistle to a Lady’ and William Wordsworth’s ‘Nutting’ and ‘Tintern Abbey’. Your essay should be grounded in critical analysis and it should be informed by and engage with critical and literary terms. Also, your essay should focus on not just a poet’s content but also its form. Be sure to include a thesis statement in your introduction. Your essay must incorporate and engage with quality secondary sources such as journal articles that support the essay’s main arguments. It is important to use a balance and a good amount of quotations from both of the poets work. The essay’s structure needs to be well organised and flow well together. The introduction needs to capture the reader’s attention and introduce the essay well in a unique manner. The essay’s arguments and structure need to equally divide between ‘An Epistle to a Lady’, ‘Nutting’ and ‘Tintern Abbey’, and it is important to compare and contrast how both of the poets depict the role of nature in the poetry. The essay’s main idea is to significantly answer the essay question with how the different attitudes of nature are explored within Pope and Wordsworth. ALSO, the essay is not just a critical analysis and close-reading, it needs to explore the significance of nature and analyse how Pope and Wordsworth approaches this idea. Footnotes will count towards the 2000 WORD COUNT but not 
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