Alcoholism Rates

2. Pick 3 countries from the following list for the alcoholism/addiction statistics as well as any other accompanying facts that might be related. The countries to choose from are: United States, Canada, Japan, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Italy. 3. From that data, you will need to create two bar charts. The first should compare the total populations of the three countries you chose. The second should compare the rates for alcoholism in the same three countries. In the chart comparing alcoholism rates, you MUST use percentages so you are comparing to apples to apples. If you don’t find data already in percentages, computing a percentage is fairly straightforward: Number of alcoholism case in the country, divided by the total number of people, multiplied by 100. Please use ONLY percentages in your charts! 4. Write a 1- 4 page essay about why there are differences in the prevalence of alcoholism and support your answer using the resource directory from the library. Some other issues that need to be discussed are what differences are between developed and undeveloped countries (use percentages), what factors contribute to some countries having a higher prevalence than others. Please also research what the educational levels are in these countries, what religious views, what awareness programs are present and what attitudes are concerning this problem
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