JetBlue Airways, which has been in business since…

JetBlue Airways, which has been in business since February 2000, has had tremendous success by offering direct flights, low fares, wider leather seats, flat screen TVs with live digital satellite channels, one-way tickets, no requirement for Saturday night stayovers and great customer service. Modelled after Southwest Airlines, JetBlue has the lowest costs in the industry at 6.4 cents per passenger mile. But as its new planes age, its costs will rise, as will the wages it pays its pilots, flight attendants and mechanics. With only two successful new airlines in the last 25 years, the challenge for JetBlue will be to continue its success as it ambitiously grows from 73 planes and 6 500 employees to 290 planes and 25 000 employees over the next five years.As companies like JetBlue grow, in addition to being good one-on-one communicators, managers must also learn how to communicate effectively with a larger number of people throughout an organisation. This is why founder and CEO David Neeleman and President Dave Barger speak with every new ‘class’ of employees as they come through JetBlue’s structured orientation process. On the first day of orientation, Barger teaches the new hirees about JetBlue’s brand (direct flights, low fares, wider leather seats, flat screen TVs, etc.), while Neeleman shows them how JetBlue earns its money and the role each of them plays in that. In your opinion what role does communication play in JetBlue Airways achieving its goals?