Medicine: Airway Management

Compose a literature review over “EMS is always changing and for years intubation was the preferred method for airway management. However, paramedics are doing less intubations each year and opting for non-visualized airways. Do these airways still offer the same airway protection and oxygenation that intubation offers” A literature review evaluates what credible scholars and researchers have published on a topic. A literature review aims to summarize and synthesize the available research in field of study to assess the contribution of research already conducted, identify trends in research and discover gaps in research that might offer potential opportunities for further scientific investigation. The goal of a literature review is NOT to support a student/researcher’s position on a topic for the purpose of writing a scholarly paper. You conduct a literature review to discover what has been published on a topic and the quality of the current research, so you will know how to engage in the ongoing scientific discussion in the field you are researching. The results of literature reviews inform the development of new research questions addressing identified gaps in research. Therefore, a literature review moves beyond summarizing the contents of identified sources (an annotated bibliography) to synthesize information from those sources into a discussion of the current state of research on a given topic: what has been studied, what is under investigation, where there are gaps in research. Provide a well-organized investigation of literature related to one research question, including theoretical, experimental and review articles.
2) Present a synthesis of literature considered including an overview of the current knowledge on a topic and a summary and evaluation of the current research on a topic.
3) The synthesis should identify at least 1 controversy in the literature and should suggest questions for further research. 4) The assignment does not have a specified length, but a comprehensive review should require at least 6 or 7 pages. 5) The assignment must be formatted according to APA guidelines including a title page, body, reference page and appropriate in-text citations. Assignments should be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
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