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The three areas for hot spots in airports are the check-in counters, secure passageways, and underground stations. As frequent fliers, many of us tolerate check in counter and intermodal transportation delays because we have some personal control and strategies to manage our waiting time.
We can use our mobile devices to avoid waiting at ticket counters, checking in our bags, or even selecting how we will arrive at the airport. But other than applying for TSA Pre-Check we are at the unpredictable mercy of the TSA screeners.
Discuss and debate what you can do as a planner to alleviate this congestion.
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Chapter 16 – Detailed Design of the Passenger Buildings
Design standards at an airport are not standard throughout the industry. Passenger buildings represent desirable service of the airport operators. Detailed standards for any particular part of an airport are not universal; therefore, this chapter presents a process for design, rather than provide specific dimensions. Facilities such as check-in areas, security checkpoints, and waiting lounges are discussed. Hot spots and congestion points are also identified and analyzed.
Chapter 17 – Ground Access and Distribution
Good ground access is vital for an airport. There are three groups of individuals traveling to an airport. These are originating and terminating travelers, employees, and supply and delivery commercial vehicles. Getting to the airport and getting around the airport is the main discussion of this chapter. Considerable time is also devoted to parking for passengers, employees, and rental car agencies.
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Have you ever considered how the airports manage the flow of people from the moment they arrive? Passenger movement is an essential element of highly functional airports. Watch this video and learn what planners consider as part of the customer experience.