Aiming to boost the economy within rural areas…

Aiming to boost the economy within rural areas of Ontario, the Government of Ontario invested on a new initiative named Canada Rural Partnership (CRP). Two consultancies won the bid to undertake this project: Innovation Pursuit (IP) and North Consultancy (NC). IP supported far northern communities and NC supported rural areas. IP and NC’s goal were to:·      Initiate collaboration between rural communities and stakeholders to address barriers and challenges to local development·      Prepare information and tools used by rural communities and regions to develop local amenities and other assets·      Initiate new economic activities in rural CanadaDuring four years they provided advice to 653 clients. At this point of time the government of Ontario is evaluating CRP’s effectiveness based on a sample of 150 (75 IP clients and 75 NC Clients). The sampled clients were asked to indicate their level of satisfaction with CRP on the following basis:·      Usefulness of the following services provided (on the basis of a continuous number that ranges from 1 (extremely ineffective) to 5 (extremely effective))o  one to one consultation,o  workshops o  information packageso  Funding.·      Client satisfaction with the government after receiving support from CRP on the basis of a continuous number that ranges from 1 (extremely unsatisfied) to 5 (extremely satisfied))·      Client satisfaction of IP and NC (as an indicator of performance) on the basis of a continuous number that ranges from 1 (extremely unsatisfied) to 5 (extremely satisfied))* Assume the collected data has normal distributionGovernment of Ontario would like to know the following based on the collected data.1.    Conduct a descriptive analysis of the sample focusing on usefulness of service provided by focusing on measures of central location and variance for two different variables, also use a graph to describe usefulness of one to one consultation (15%).2.    Is there any relationship between usefulness of funding received and client satisfaction of government after receiving consultation, use a graph to depict this relationship and also conduct correlation analysis (10%).3.    Clients who participated in this program were asked to identify their level of satisfaction with the government prior to receiving consultation; this showed a mean of 3. The government of Ontario likes to know whether their opinion has risen since based on the sample (after the consultation) with 5% significance (20%).4.    Clients were provided with 1) one to one consultation, 2) workshops and 3) information packages 4) Funding. Now the government of Ontario is interested to know if one to one consultation was deemed more useful or funding, estimate the mean for each with 95% confidence and compare the results. (20%)5.    Some of the employees of the Ontario government believe that IP performed better than NC. 75 clients of IP and 75 clients of NC were asked to report on their level of satisfaction from IP and NC. Did IP really perform better than NC? (30%)·      Assume significance level of .05 when needed. Directions:- Answer each questions on a separate Excel Sheet using Data Analysis and Data Analysis Plus or XLSTAT.- Analysis: 1) State your chosen method of analysis; 2) present the test results in tables (Make sure to present the complete and relevant Excel output (Table) for each of the questions). Note: If the question involves hypothesis testing present the hypothesis-Discussion: For each question briefly discus the findings of the study, what do they mean? how can they help in decision making?