The failure to address affordability issue as part of the Affordable Care Act

Topic: You may write an essay on the topic of your choice. However, it must be related to some aspect of American government and politics—e.g. it should not be about the effects of U.S. government in some other part of the world, UNLESS you are able to explain how domestic politics and institutions shape those actions. Question: You should articulate a specific research question, one that falls within the domain of political science. The question you ask should not be purely theoretical or philosophical. For instance, if you are interested in writing about the politics of gun control, the question “is there a right to self defense?” might be interesting as well, but it is not appropriate. A better question: what accounts for the strength of the NRA in American politics? Research Strategy: Your proposal should identify research that can help to answer your central question. The precise structure of this section of your proposal will of course vary from topic to topic. Here are some general rules of thumb. In most cases you will be exploring causal arguments. E.g. you should explain not merely how the NRA attempts to influence politics, but why it is effective. You should identify some general theories that apply to your specific question. Your paper on the NRA should not be about the NRA alone. This is a “case” of interest group power and organization, so you should attempt to explain the NRA in light of theories about the general sources of interest group power. You should identify some contrasting approaches to your question and topic.
For instance, if you are investigating the sources of NRA power, you should try to identify some contrasting approaches to the sources of interest group power, and explain how they relate to the NRA. For instance, does interest group power come from the ability to raise resources? Or does it come from broad, geographically distributed support in the public? 3/11/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/5 Instructor note on the (already submitted) rough draft: Dear student, you have chosen a complex topic and you have clearly located some areas of the ACA that should address affordability but do not do as much as they could. I think, though, that some of your evidence suggests that continued issues with healthcare affordability are not caused by the ACA, but are instead the result of factors outside of the ACA. It might be worth considering what conclusions the evidence you have gathered support and thinking about whether you think that the design of the ACA stopped it from achieving its goals. I’d also like you to edit your writing a bit for clarity. Remember that the best way to express something is usually the simplest way. In a few places, your essay would benefit from making your point more directly. For example, did the individual mandate reduce premiums or not? You have done some quality research, but I think it’s worth reconsidering your main argument. The grade for the rough draft is no indication of their final paper grade. At each step, we expect students to improve on their work. 
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