Violence against women: Designing an Advocacy Plan

Any project benefits from planning, but it is particularly important for advocacy. Planning is important because it helps you to: • Head in the right direction • Break down your goals into manageable pieces or stepping stones • Use the right tools • Get the timing right and start preparing early enough • Be prepared to counter opposition Common problems with advocacy plan include unclear aims and objectives, undertaking activities without working out a strategy or plan, asking decision makers to do something which is not in their power and getting the timing wrong and trying to influence a process when key decisions have already been made The key components of developing an Advocacy Work Plan include :
• Goals – long-term, intermediate, and short-term • Resources – assets, and plans for building on them • Extent of community support and/or opposition (e.g. identifying allies and opponents) • Targets and agents of change • Strategies – What to do • Tactics –How to do it • Measures to evaluate the plan The following is a list of populations or topics that could benefit from an advocacy plan. Please select one population/topic for which you will design an advocacy plan. If there is a topic of interest not listed, present it to the instructor for confirmation of its usage. • Homelessness and housing • Juvenile Justice • Healthy Affordable food • Learning and/or physical Disability • Parents with Special Needs Children • Children’s mental health and emotional well-being • Youth Services within the community • Early Childhood education • Patient Advocacy • Rehabilitation for previous inmates • Rehabilitation for those with substance abuse • Domestic Violence population • Teen Pregnancy • Bullying • Advocacy within the Health Care System for: (select a population) – Senior Citizens – Immigrants – Low income population – Minorities – Population without health coverage Instructions: (The assignment is worth 40% of your final grade) The following information presents and overall framework as to what is to be submitted in a strategic advocacy plan. The answering of the following questions is what will create a design for your final project advocacy plan.
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