Prescription Drug Abuse in Adolescents

1. Your job is to now persuade your audience is correct. You’re writing a full and complete persuasive essay. Convince me you’re right. Don’t forget to follow Guidelines for the Persuasive RP. Also, remember to use MLA Format. 2. Include each section of the body of the RP (Background, Refutation of Opposing Views, Arguments in Favor, and Solutions) with borrowings (quotations, paraphrases, summaries). 3. This is not simply a research paper where you show your research. You need to persuade your audience. 1. Quotes, paraphrases, and summaries are to be used only as evidence for the points you want to make.. 2. All paragraphs should have topic sentences where YOU make a point. 3. Your major supporting details should be where you present your own evidence and ideas. 4. QPS go at the minor supporting detail level. 5. The minor supporting detail level is NOT only for QPS, you can make other points here (and then, if you want, back them up with specific supports [lower level details]). 6. Every paragraph should end with a concluding or transition sentence furthering your point. 7. Remember, YOU are convincing me of your point. The research backs you up and helps provide backup. The research is the backup singer. You are the star. 4. As you’re going through the essay and adding research, don’t forget ALL the essential parts.
1. You are using 12 sources twice each (with a requirement of two per source, which comes out to 24 QPS). 2. Don’t forget to include two images, tables, graphs, figures, etc. 3. Remember to introduce each borrowing with a signal phrase indicating something about the quotation that is coming. 4. Follow each borrowing with a parenthetical reference. 5. Interpret, Discuss, Evaluate, and Transition from what is being said in the borrowing. What does its author mean by what he has said? How do YOU understand the quotation? Go beyond paraphrase to the meaning of the borrowing. Evaluation can be unnecessary. Decide if it adds to the essay you’re writing or detracts from it. IDET can also be condensed down to shorter, fewer sentences, but don’t forget to include it and make a point with it. 6. Discuss your own thoughts about the ideas in the borrowing. 5. Insert a page break before the very last line of your essay. Then insert your Works Cited page. 6. That’s it! Write a persuasive essay convincing me (and your audience) that you’re right and the opposition is wrong. Make good, strong points. Use evidence to back your own ideas up.
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