Write my essay on Administer Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) and Report Results

Administer Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) and Report Results
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The data and student may be made up, but otherwise everything needs to follow the instructions below. Also, please make sure a graph is included in this paper.
Assignment Description
For this assignment, you will administer CBM to your chosen student. You will score and interpret the results and then write a report that relays these results. You will want to conduct this assessment a minimum of four times.
Note: You may consult the Writing Feedback Tool for information on writing.
Assignment Instructions
Complete these steps for this assignment:
Choose or create a probe, or protocol, for your student’s grade level and target skill. You may choose any subject area; however, probes are more common in areas such as mathematics, reading, and writing. Please choose or create your probe from your student’s current curriculum.
Select the frequency and interval for conducting your probe. For example, you might want to conduct your probe once a day for a week. Sometimes teachers create twice daily, daily, twice weekly, weekly, or monthly probes. You must conduct your probe a minimum of four times for this assignment.
Create a graph showing your probe results. Use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or any similar software. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint offer simple, easy-to-use, and visually appealing graphics.
Note: Remember to remove any identifying information about your selected student.
Use the information from your graph and summarize what the results mean to your instructional strategy and your student’s goals.
Review the complete scoring guide for this assignment: Administer CBM and report results.
Submit to the assignment area your completed 1–2-page paper, including your graph, in APA format.
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