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ACCT 425 WEEK 10 ASSIGNMENT 2 Assignment 10-2: Case Analysis 2 Purpose To assess your ability to: • Analyze the data flows and procedures in a traditional cost accounting system. • Analyze the accounting controls in a traditional environment. • Recognize the key elements of lean manufacturing. • Recognize the key features of activity based costing and value stream accounting. • Discuss the information systems commonly associated in lean manufacturing and world-class companies. Overview For this assignment you will be asked to research and discuss some of the concepts, hypotheses and other research associated with accounting informatyion systems. Support your position or argument with specific references to authoritative resources. Authoritative resources include your text for this course, other related texts, journal articles, etc. Examples of non-authoritative (i.e., unacceptable) resources include dictionaries/encyclopedias, personal home pages, wiki sites such as Wikipedia, blogs, advertisements, etc. All references should be in APA format. An excellent resource to utilize to ensure proper APA formatting is theFranklin Style Manual. Action Items 1. Read INTERNAL CONTROL CASE 1: Performance Water Pumps (Centralized System With Distributed Controls) on pages 325-326 of your textbook, Accounting Information Systems. 2. Write a 3 – 4 page, double-spaced paper using the information provided in the problem and answering Required questions a – d at the end of Internal Control Case 1. • NOTE: Up to 10 points could be deducted from your score for poor grammar or incorrect spelling. 3. Actively participate in class discussions. Submission Instructions • Click the Submit button in the Toolbox to upload your completed assignment prior to your class meeting. • Bring a copy of your completed assignment to class to participate in class discussion. Grading Criteria • Accuracy and quality of critical thinking in answering the designated questions related to the case: 0 – 35 points • Participation in class discussions: 0-5 points
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