BUS 630 Managerial AccountingDiscussion 1 (200-250 words)Capital Investment…

BUS 630 Managerial AccountingDiscussion 1 (200-250 words)Capital Investment EvaluationSelect one of the capital investment evaluation methods described in Chapter 10 of your text. Fully explain the capital evaluation method’s strengths and weaknesses. Take a position and defend the use of your selected method. Be sure to use at least two scholarly sources to support your position. Your initial post should be 200-250 words.Discussion 2Ranking Investment Alternatives(Problem 10-41) Grosvenor Industries has designated $1.2 million for capital investment expenditures during the upcoming year.  Its cost of capital is 14 percent.  Any unused funds will earn the cost of capital rate.  The following investment opportunities along with their required investment and estimated net present values have been identified:Project   Net Investment   NPV         Project   Net Investment   NPVA            $200,000             $22,000   F            $250,000.00       $30,000.00B            $275,000             $21,000   G            $100,000.00       $7,000.00C            $150,000             $6,000     H            $200,000.00       $18,000.00D            $190,000-            $19,000    I             $210,000.00       $4,000.00E            $500,000              $40,000   J             $250,000.00       BUS 630$35,000.00In your response, complete the following: