Abortion should not be legal

 Your goal for this assignment is to collect 10 high-quality sources for your researched argument. Your annotated bibliography should clearly demonstrate your ability to: • Accurately summarize sources • Evaluate sources for quality, credibility and objectivity • Represent multiple perspectives on an issue • Organize material clearly and effectively, emphasizing claim and main points • Use MLA format 8th edition for citations Requirements: 1. Include your working thesis at the top of the page. 2. Ten (10) sources, at least half (5) should be academic, print sources (Sources from library databases that originally in print, but are stored and accessed electronically will be considered print sources.) 3. Each bibliographical entry must be properly formatted using MLA 8th documentation style 4. Each bibliographical entry must be followed by a 8 sentence summary of the author’s (or authors’) argument, an evaluation of the quality of the source, and analysis of this source in relation to your own research, including how you might use this source to support your claim. Taken together, your sources should represent at least two perspectives on the issue
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