Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: 840db8.The second…

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: 840db8.The second stage is contemplation where one knows about the possibility of changes, realizes and begins the process, but is not committed. At this stage the person continues with the exploration of pros and cons of the change. The third stage is preparation, here the person is committed to changing but anticipates obstacles thus plans how to counter them. The fourth stage is action and the person makes steps to address the problematic behaviors as they are facing the challenge of living life without the old behavior. The final stage is Maintenance. The person has achieved the goals and is working to maintain them as well as avoiding with the old habits. These learning stages will guide our development of awareness on behavior change learning process.For this health behavior change activity goal, I am deleting all my favorite fun apps on my iPhone. I spend at least two hours daily on Flipboard, Slickdeals, team stream, casino, free deals and many other apps. I have 170 apps to begin with, and I am deleting all including my Facebook for the next 4 weeks so that I keep only the basic apps on the phone. My main goals are to sleep early and save time every day. I usually don’t go out much and even don’t have a TV. I accumulate all the apps from Appsgonefree and similar apps. Every day apps become free for a day or even hours before going back to regular price. I chose this specific behavior change for this experiment activity goal for learning experience that is difficult to do in the life of today because I knew the apps on the phone cause some distraction on the daily basis.Were you able to incorporate the change? I was able to delete my apps which was a big improvement on the first day. I did have a problem with coping in first week but successfully kept myself busy most of the time. In the same week, I was on the process of moving my apartment from the first to the second floor. Because my mind