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week 5
Persuasive Messages (graded)
As you know by this point in our studies, the best way to approach writing any type of business message is to use a three-step process that includes planning, writing, and revising. Explain which strategies in each of these three steps we can apply when writing persuasive messages in particular. (ThisDiscussion supports TCOs 1 and 10.)
Visual Aids (graded)
Using common software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, users can create a multitude of different types of graphs, including pie charts, line graphs, flow charts, and Gantt charts. Which factors weigh into the decision to choose a particular type of graph or chart? Once you choose a type, how can you ensure that it is clear, readable, and ethical? (This Discussion supports TCOs 8 and 9.)
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week 6
Planning Formal Reports (graded)
One important part of planning a formal report is conducting research. What are some strategies business writers can use to conduct quality research? How else can we apply planning stage techniques and strategies to the planning of a formal report? (This Discussion supports TCOs 4, 6, and 8.)
Formatting Formal Reports (graded)
Read the example report in Chapter 15 on pages 435-448, paying close attention to how the report is formatted and organized. (Note that this report shows both MLA and APA citations; in the reports you are writing, you will need to use APA citations.) How does the formatting and organization of a formal report differ from the formats we’ve practiced in other types of business writing? (This Discussion supports TCOs 4, 6, and 8.)
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