english class    3.5pages MLA format due within 12…

 english class    3.5pages
MLA format
due within 12 hours
Essay 0: Now that you have read about positive psychology and the modern Stoic approach to wellbeing, focus on one and write about its usefulness and its short-comings. Your essay should be at least THREE FULL PAGES long.
As you write, remember the idea that all of academic writing is an argument that responds to what has been said before. Your job is to accurately summarize what others have already stated and then contribute your own view to the debate.
1. Whichever approach you choose, first explain it well enough so that an “ignorant reader” can understand the approach. Describe it fairly, so that the proponents of the approach would affirm your description. 
2. Then try to persuade the reader to see the approach in the same way that you do. 
3. It is helpful, as you try to persuade the reader, to contrast the approach that you choose with other approaches. The reader needs to know why you think this approach is good, as opposed to other possibilities. 
4. Try finding one other article or video that you can bring into the paper. Even if you don’t cite it, it may help you understand the whole approach better than you did before.
5. When citing “Positive Psychology,” inside your paper, use: (Schoener). I wrote it! Use my page numbering. In citing the excerpt from Burkeman’s book, use his last name and the page numbers I indicated.