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Week 6 Discussion Posts:
Topic 1:
1. How would changing managers affect the workforce? What happens when there is a high turnover
rate among middle or upper management?
2. Where is the line between effective change and chaotic change? What are some elements a manager
needs to keep in mind to create effective change and avoid chaos?
3. As you consider managerial effectiveness, how much of this is based on a relationship with the
employees? Is it necessary for a manager to have a "good" relationship with the people that he or she
manages? Why or why not?
Topic 2:
1. How can one deal with burnout, and what role does leadership play in preventing burnout in the
2. How does stress in modern day life contribute to burnout and what may be the consequences of
various levels of stress and burnout on the workforce?
3. Please discuss a variety of personal coping mechanisms you have applied to cope with burnout at
home, school and work. How have they helped you?
NOTE: *Please remember to use APA formatting when citing any and ALL sources. There is no length
requirement for these questions. Please use your best judgement for sufficient answers.
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