Due Date: 11:59 PM Sunday, February 24, 2019This…

Due Date: 11:59 PM Sunday, February 24, 2019This assignment is for the case study from page 339 in chapter 12 of the text, Suspension of a Sportscaster. The Case Study assignment involves a disciplinary situation involving a TV sportscaster and his use of social media. This is a real world scenario which has played out in the media many times in the past.  Your paper should include information as outlined below in double-spaced, paragraph form in the order provided:The first 1 – 2 Paragraphs: Provide a synopsis of case study. Please include critical information so that the reader has the necessary understanding of the details of the case.  Subsequent Paragraphs: Respond to the items 1 and 2 provided in the case study. Please provide supporting details as necessary. Final Paragraph: Respond to item 3.  This requires offering your opinion concerning the discipline used and suggestions for making this more effective given the nature of the situation. Please make sure you provide a complete response to this portion of the assignment.  The final Word document should be posted in Blackboard by the time/date indicated above. Grading Details:- Was the paper formatted as requested? – Grammar, spelling and punctuation correct? – Was the paper well thought out and did it effectively  respond to the requirements of the assignment? Did the student’s responses to the questions  and insight on the case show thought on their part    concerning the details of the case and information from the text?