Write my essay on uestionQuestion 1Where may U.S. federal criminal offenses be found?

Question 1
Where may U.S. federal criminal offenses be found?
The United States Code
The Code of Federal Regulations
Both the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations
The United States Code, the Coe of Federal Regulations, and the Model Penal Code
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Question 2
The defendant formally pleads guilty or not guilty at the
preliminary hearing
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Question 3
Which of the following refers to private plaintiffs bringing actions from persons submitting false claims for government funds?
Pro se litigants
Qui tam plaintiffs
Affiliated litigants
State-controlled plaintiffs
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Question 4
The number of U.S. federal criminal offenses is in the range of ______.
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Question 5
Beatrice, a bank teller, was angry with her employer, Big Bank, because she did not get a raise. Each day she begins to keep for her own use small amounts out of funds deposited by customers at her station. Eventually, she is caught when customers begin to complain about discrepancies, and bank officials conduct surveillance of her actions. Big Bank is very unpopular in the community because of a number of foreclosures. The trial against Beatrice results in a hung jury when the twelve jurors are hopelessly deadlocked, probably because of their dislike of Big Bank. Beatrice is thrilled and believes that she can forget about the whole mess although her cell mate tells her that she may not be out of the woods yet. Can Beatrice be tried again for the same crime?
No, because of the double jeopardy bar.
Only if at least five of the jurors voted in her favor to acquit her.
Only if at least six of the jurors voted in her favor to acquit her.
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Question 6
Benji, a truck driver, is told by his boss, Penny, to quickly deliver a load of steel and to get to the location within an hour regardless. Benji replied, “That’s impossible – I’d have to go 90 miles per hour to do that.” Penny said, “Well, you’d best get started.” Not surprisingly, Benji was stopped by a highway patrol officer and fined for both speeding and reckless driving. When he went to court, Benji told the judge that he should be found innocent because he was only acting upon orders of his boss, Penny. Is Benji correct?
Yes, but only if he can establish that he had a written contract obligating him to follow Penny’s orders.
Yes, but only if he has no previous record of speeding.
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Question 7
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