Assignment 1Create Your Own ExamplesUsing the RealAudio Player…

Assignment 1Create Your Own ExamplesUsing the RealAudio Player Controls, play Handel’s See Here the Conqu’ring Hero Comes (CD 1). Then, follow these directions to create your own examples:Watch the counter and pause when you hear the beginning of a musical idea (A or B).Click the “pause” button and write down the counter time at the beginning of the idea.Then, click the “play” button again and listen for the end of the idea currently in progress.Click the “pause” button when you hear the end of the idea, and write down the counter time.Write down the letter of the musical idea (A or B).Continue writing down the order of musical ideas A and B (including their start and stop times) throughout the entire piece, and try to identify any pattern you see.Submit your list of beginning and ending counter times for each musical idea as it occurs, identifying the “A”s and “B”s associated with those times, and the recurring pattern (if you were able to identify one). Also, explain how Handel uses dynamics and timbre to achieve variety in the examples that you created.On the Submit Web Query Assignment page, type your answer into the empty box. When you are ready, click Submit to send your answer to your instructor.Have fun!Important HintWe highly recommend you type your answer using any word processor (PC Users: You can use WordPad or NotePad. Mac Users: You can use TextEdit.). Please make sure you save your work as you go along. When you are done, CUT and PASTE your answer into the empty box. That way, if for any reason you loose your internet connection in the middle of typing your answer, you won’t lose all the work you have done up to that point.