Write my essay on Mr. D.M. a 19year old college student presents to the emergency room with the following symptoms….

Mr. D.M. a 19year old college student presents to the emergency room with the following symptoms.
Subjective Data: client states he has had abdominal pain for two days. Has vomited several times and is unable to keep even liquids down. Denies using any drugs legal or illegal. States he goes to the bathroom 8 to 10 times daily, which is unusual for him. Says he can’t think clearly and is anxious because all his papers are due in the next week. States has been in good health prior to entering college. States “I want to sleep all the time and can’t go out with my friends”. States has had all immunizations and vaccinations up to date but can’t remember when he had them. Denies alcohol and tobacco use.
Objective Data: Skin is flushed; lips and mucous membranes are dry and cracked. Skin turgor poor. Capillary refill less than 3 seconds. Respirations are rapid and deep. Confused and keeps repeating the same history. Crying and anxious. Asking for water. BP 90/60, Pulse 120, RR 32/min, temp 101.8 , Na 148, K 6.0, BUN 48, creatinine 3.8 Glucose 685mg/dl Ph 7.21, PcO2 55, Po2 72 HCO3 14
Here is your task. You must analyze the above symptoms using pathophysiological terminology. You must develop an Assessment and Plan for this client. This can be no more than two pages which must be concise and provides evidence of research and rationales. You must qualify your response utilizing a minimum of two non-web references one which can include your textbook. Remember evidence base nursing for your paper. Remember to analyze the subjective and objective data that have been given to you as a platform for your conclusions and nursing care.
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