How have both male and female gender identities been redefined since the 1950s?

1. I have stated that an apt title for this course could be: America Since Television. Write a well-organized essay describing the impact of television on U.S. history since its popularization in the late Forties.  Be sure to include both fiction and non-fiction offerings.
2. A historian has referred to the 1970s as a decade in which “it seemed like nothing happened,” suggesting a more complacent and conservative decade after the social activism and upheavals of the 60s. Discuss.
3. One historian has argued that Watergate was the crucial event that brought down the “imperial presidency” which emphasized a powerful activist president. Evaluate this view, examining presidential power and challenges to this power between the 1960s and the Reagan Administration
4. How have both male and female gender identities been redefined since the 1950s? What were the larger effects of this redefinition on American society and politics? Be sure to refer to your readings and lecture whenever possible.
5. Interview a family member or acquaintance about their participation in a significant historical event that took place in the period we have studied. Write out your questions in advance and make sure that they are well grounded in historical fact. The person must have been an active PARTICIPANT in a historical event. It doesn’t count if your father once saw a protest going on outside of his window when he was in school. This essay should be in Q & A format. And no, you can’t interview me.
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