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US Immigration 1800s
US History_U2_L4_Portfolio
You are to create a story (most will use PowerPoint), about an immigrant coming to America in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. This story is fictional (do not write about a real immigrant whose story you looked up on the Internet), but please make sure you incorporate historical facts in it. Doing research provides the opportunity to learn more and add to what you already know. Incorporating historical information will add authenticity to your story. Please add pictures / images to your PowerPoint as well and cite the source you got the pictures from.
Unit 2 Portfolio Recording:Select this link for the recording (11 minutes long)
Finding topics and Making a Works Cited Page recording (10 minutes)
Student Sample Recording
Unit 2 Portfolio Breakdown: Immigration Story
Big Ideas:
Review information about immigration to the United States in the late 1800s (1880’s-1920’s)
Think about: Angel Island vs. Ellis Island
What countries were immigrants coming from?
How were immigrants treated?
What jobs were immigrants doing?
Choose a character for your storyboard / PowerPoint presentation
Pick a country they are coming from (a country in Europe or Asia)
Where to the US did they immigrate?
Research immigration to the United States in the late 1800s
Use your textbook, online links and information from Discovery Education
Extra research links are your portfolio lesson 6
Think about: why did they leave their home country?
What was their port of entry?
What community did they settle into in the US?
Use notecards or a word document to organize your research
Keep track of all the websites you use!
How does your characters _________ affect their immigration/experience?
Country of origin?
Education level?
Level of English?
Make a storyboard / PowerPoint presentation
historically accurate
talks about your character’s life BEFORE, DURING and AFTER immigration
What are you turning into me?
A story about immigration
Storyboard: create a table with 8 boxes: think comic strip
At least 8 panels(squares)
Created on a word document
OR: PowerPoint: 1 slide per panel
Use both words and pictures
If you use pictures off of the Internet, you must cite where you got them
If you DO NOT cite where you got your pictures off the Internet, I will send your portfolio back to you.
If you are a good artist: draw pictures and scan them into your project
Works cited page: remember you are doing research for this portfolio and also cite your pictures.
CheckMyWork: Run your portfolio through CheckMyWork. If you do a PowerPoint, please save it as a pdf to run through Check My Work.
Wikipedia is NOT appropriate to use for research!
LOOK at the rubric that is in lesson 6, or attached to the message board, to know how you will be graded
PPT Breakdown: Guideline
1.Slide #1 Title, Name, Date, Class
2.Slides #2-#4 Describe your character, the country they originated from, why they are immigrating (This will be your WHO and WHY of your story)
3.Slides #5-7 Describe the immigration, what was the journey like, did they travel alone, what hardships did they endure, what did they witness on the journey. (This is the HOW of your story)
4.Slides #8-#9 Describe where they landed (Angel or Ellis Island) what this experience was like for them, how did they feel, how were they treated. This will be the WHERE and probably WHEN of the project. Also include where they may have settled, what opportunities they may have had (pull factors)
5.Slide #10 Works Cited and Check my Work Link
Save PPT as PDF for Check My Work
This is a really fun portfolio and I have had some absolutely fabulous presentations turned in in the past. Do your research, use your creative writing skills and create your masterpiece!
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