VCDD290-1104A-04 Visual Communication History Assignment Name: Unit 3…

VCDD290-1104A-04 Visual Communication History Assignment Name: Unit 3 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 1 Timeline Details: The next project is to create a timeline using the provided timeline template for Microsoft Word.Create a timeline of the major designs and developments in the field of art and design. Your timeline should focus on the years 1500-1950 CE and include at least three different genres in art and design. It should also include a brief description of what inventions allowed these designs to happen and what historical events influenced the development of these works. You can include pictures, descriptions, and artists. Use proper APA citations for all works cited.Please submit your assignment.Points Possible: 150 Date Due: Sunday, Oct 23, 2011 Objective: •Demonstrate the ability to form an argument based on research and observation.•Demonstrate effective research skills. Demonstrate the ability to organise and present information and research clearly and effectively.Submitted Files: Submit Assignment Score: N/A Here are a couple great sites for learning how to create a timeline: the Megg’s textbook Part III p. 134 for more information about technology and visual communications.When asked to include 3 different “genres” you are to choose 3 different kinds of art or design that are good examples for the inventions that allowed them to be created. These examples of art or design need to be exemplary of the time period and represent the outcome of the invention. You also need to research what historical events led to the development of these inventions and designs.Have a great week 3. Please email me if you have any questions