In depth research paper on the effects of playing Grand Theft Auto V on adolescence and young adults

This paper will be based on the video game Grand Theft Auto V so if the writer has played the game then that would be fantastic and it will be quite easy, if not please watch the trailer for the video game and some YouTube “gameplay walkthroughs” Objectives of the paper: 1. Describe the plot and objective of the game 2. Describe all of the major characters (Franklin, Michael, and Trevor) 3. How long does it take to complete the game? 4. Can the game be played online? MOST IMPORTANT SECTION 5. Conduct a detailed content analysis, paying particular attention to what information the video game gives players regarding each of the following topics: a. Careers: What careers are depicted as desirable? What careers are undesirable and why? b. Problem solving: What methods dot he characters have at their disposal to solve problems? What methods do they use most often? Be specific c. Prosocial behavior: Give specific examples and descriptions of any prosocial behavior you observe. d. Relational Aggression: Give specific examples of any that you see e. Physical Aggression: Again, be specific and detailed regarding the types and frequency f. Sexual Aggression: Give specific, detailed examples g. Gender stereotypes: Do the characters behavior according yo traditional gender roles or do some of the characters defy such stereotypes? Be specific. h. Racial stereotypes: What, if any, racial or ethnic stereotypes do you observe, give specific examples. i. Body Image: Describe the protagonists physical appearance; describe the villains appearance. What similarities and differences do you notice between how protagonists and villains bodies are portrayed? In addition describe the physical appearance of other characters in the game. j. Mental illness: Are any characters portrayed as having mental illness or otherwise pathological behavior? (There is a lot of mental illness in GTA 🙂 k. Romantic relationships: Are dating marriage, or other romantic relationships portrayed or implied between characters? If so how, give details. l. Sexual behavior: What, if any, implicit or explicit sexual behavior is depicted? Give specific examples. m. Values: What values are demonstrated by various characters, for example loyalty, justice, fairness, individual rights, protecting the vulnerable, protecting the environment? n. Vulnerability: What individuals or groups does the game depict as being vulnerable? Describe in what ways they are vulnerable. 6. What is the game rated by the ESRB and do you agree with the rating for the game? Finally write a 5 page reflection section in which you summarize the themes you identified in the content analysis [question 5] and discuss the role video games may play as socialization agents. What overall lessons good or bad do adolescents and/or young adults learn from playing GTA V and violent games similar to it? What implications do you think there may be for adolescents and/or young adults who spend one hour per day playing GTA V? What about those who spend several hours every day playing GTA V.
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