Enterprise Architect & Business Process Model and Notation

Please read carefully as this project requires a lot of work ! Only pick to work on this project if you know what are doing !! You must read the EA.zip folder it has all the definitions and information you need General Guidelines Select a simulated/real business case that requires some integration. The scope of this integration should be limited to processes that span 3-4 business units/lanes and involve 3-4 actors. You will investigate the requirements and analyze these using various modelling tools (such as Use Case, BPMN etc.) included in the PowerPoint slides. You will also research and plan a testing methodology that can be applied to the recommended system. The deliverables of this project will be a report with Lessons learned (must be written at the end of the report) and Q&A (write 3 questions with answers) Project Report 1. Business case: In this section you are required to do the following: 1.1. Write a short description of the organization/department that are facing issues relating to non-integrated systems. Provide details of standalone systems. 1.2. Include the challenges faced; describe the impact of these challenges and write a short description of how they can be resolved.
1.3. Briefly describe how integration will help resolve the issues. Describe in brief the recommended solution. Use diagrams where required 2. Project Plan and Requirements. In this section you will develop the following sub sections: 2.1. Project charter as per the template provided 2.2. Requirements Document. Describe the process used to gather and validate requirements showing evidence of what you have done. Provide examples of functional and non-functional requirements. 2.3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Create a linear WBS using Word or Excel. Decompose WBS up to (3)#instructions 4/5 levels using project management process groups in level (2.) 3. Analysis. In this section, you will model the requirement of the current system. Must use MS Visio or any other drawing tool to develop the models below. 3.1. Activity Diagrams or BPMN Diagram. Provide one diagram here. These diagrams must use the notations used in this course. Include a short narrative description of the activity diagram 3.2. Use Case Diagram. Provide one diagram, with generalizations, inclusions and extensions where appropriate. 3.3. Use Case Descriptions. Provide two use case descriptions using the format provided in this course 4. Recommended Solution: Describe the solution that you will use to solve the problems identified in your business case. 4.1. Apply the Zachman framework to design the recommended solution. 4.2. Describe the solution in terms of several perspectives like What, How, Where, Who, When and Why factors. 4.3. Create a simple non-working prototype (use and throw) to model your solution. You must use Justinmind Software for the prototyping. 5. Testing Plan. Describe your plan to complete testing of the recommended solution including: 5.1. Testing Stages and Testing Techniques 5.2. Samples of how testing can be achieved. 6. Writing & Structure. You are required to deliver a professional academic document that considers the following aspects: 6.1. Use proper APA citations and referencing 6.2. Consider proper academic writing skills demonstrated (language, grammar, spelling, etc.) 6.3. The legibility (readability) throughout all section (parts) of the project need to be maintained.
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