Custom API for Cloud Storage

 Stage 1.3 – Research Design…..Instructions Research Design Proposal Instructions During Stage 2, you will be performing research on how you can best address the issues and challenges identified within your project’s scope of work. During Stage 1, you will begin designing your research strategy. Given what you understand about your project goals and needs and personal knowledge, identify the key research questions you hope to answer through your research. What gaps do you currently see existing in your knowledge and competencies? For instance, if you are developing a training program, will you need to research how best to deliver the training? This assignment will be a short description of your research questions and approach. In reviewing this assignment, we will be looking at the following criteria: Clearly stated research question or opportunity (i.e. what you need to learn or hope to learn through your research) Clear statement about what you hope to learn through research (i.e. I believe I need to learn about ‘X’ to better understand the problem and/or ‘Y’ is a possible solution, and I want to see if I can validate this assumption) Sufficient and relevant research sources (i.e. where you believe you will find answers to your questions, such as through articles, professional templates and artifacts, interviews with experts and sponsor, etc.) Your research draft should be between 400 – 500 words You should include a title page and a bibliography, if you have identified any relevant sources Paper should comply with APA 6 guidelines Custom API for Cloud Storage Description: Bitome is a three-year-old, Boston-based life science instrument company commercializing technology for continuous monitoring of metabolites and small molecules in biomanufacturing applications. Bitome’s product can be integrated into existing automated workflows for high parallel deployment at the point-of-need. Using microsystem technology compatible with scaled manufacturing processes, Bitome delivers a game-changing life science research tool for a fraction of the cost of competitor products. Problems to be solved: We need an application programming interface (API) that can connect with cloud storage for client access. This API should consolidate the provided data into a formatted database which can be exported (as a CSV file) to any cloud-based repository. The client will also have the option to access the information in a custom GUI displaying real-time data. Deliverable: Create a custom API to transfer formatted data into cloud storage. Additionally, build a GUI to display real-time data prior to cloud storage export. Goal: Build an API and GUI for clients to access information via cloud storage and a web-based interface, respectively. Below are some project parameters that we’ll try to stick with to ensure max efficiency over the short project duration, and be sure, students, to first get together and then reach out as a group to your sponsor and initiate contact and a kick-off meeting ASAP so you’ll know when and where to loop faculty support in where necessary. The course faculty is cc’d on this email introduction. • The project duration should be about 6-7 weeks, depending on mutual convenience • Students should be working about six hours per week, entirely remotely, on the project either in their assigned teams or individually once tasks are broken out • Sponsors should dedicate at least an hour a week to virtual check-ins and/or project support to ensure the project is progressing as intended Again, it’s the students’ responsibility to first get together as a group and then, together, follow-up and schedule a mutually convenient time for a kick-off meeting with the sponsor. Over the coming weeks, we will check in periodically to ensure everything is going smoothly to achieve your mutual learning goals but want to allow you to establish the best working relationship for your needs. • Students are expected to complete project deliverables on time according to both the course and the project schedule (this is greatly aided when students and sponsors are both aware of the academic schedule of the course the project is embedded within) • Students and sponsors are expected to proactively communicate any issues arising to faculty and XN staff • All work can be done remotely via phone, email, and video conference, but in cases where in-person meetings are possible and beneficial, you can work directly to set them up
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